Outdoor mats can serve many purposes, and one of the most important is protecting your home has against dirt, mud, snow, and water. Outdoor mats will stop muddy or dirty shoes from wreaking havoc on your carpet by removing most of the dirt before it has a chance to get in. Outdoor mats can also be used for many other purposes, including providing a place to sit for a picnic as well as other outdoor activities. Outdoor mats can be made from many different materials and come in many different sizes. Each material is slightly different and will provide different benefits depending on its intended use.

A popular type of material used for outdoor mats is similar to Astroturf or synthetic grass. These synthetic fibers do a great job of removing dirt and debris from your shoes before you enter the house. Texturized rubber mats also work in this way, removing dirt from your shoes and trapping it at the bottom of the mat. Both of these materials are well suited for use right outside the door and both materials are very durable, withstanding even the harshest elements and many years of use.
Similar mats are also made of plastic or polyurethane and are designed to remove dirt from the shoes as you walk over them. Small blades clean the shoe and the dirt falls into the groves between the blades. Plastic mats are very easy to maintain and are some of the most durable mats available. A quick shake or rinse from the hose is all that is needed to clean them.

There are also other outdoor mat designs. Some types of materials such as vinyl also make great multipurpose mats and can be used on patios, in front of doors, and even around swimming pools. Mats used around swimming pools are designed to be non skid to create a safe surface. They are also mildew and mold resistant and are designed to dry quickly. These types of mats can also be used around fountains and other areas where water accumulates.

Another place outdoor mats are commonly used is in high traffic areas around decks, patios, and in entrance ways. Rubber floor mats are the best type of mat for high traffic entryways and other areas where you want to protect the floor surface from many feet. Rubber mats are designed to withstand even the heaviest foot traffic, temperature extremes, the elements, and do a great job of protecting expensive wood or rock work. Rubber brush floor mats are the best kind of outdoor mat available because they are incredibly durable, lasting many years even under harsh conditions, and are easily maintained. They do not require any special maintenance except a hosing off to remove excess debris once in a while. While rubber mats are not the most attractive type of outdoor mats, they certainly do a great job protecting the area in which you use them. You can find different styles of rubber mat from plain to texturized and even some with designs.